Automatic Packaging Machine

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Automatic Cartonning Solution:

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Solution:

We offer automatic cartooning machine mean for RSC or american carton, from leading European and Asian manufacturers.  The automatic cartooning machine is suitable for all sectors in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical.  We have complete range of equipment in automatic carton forming machine, case packer and carton sealer.  We are capable to handle cartoning speed from 10 to 50 cartons/min.

With continue demand of compact and small footprint equipment, we have latest ''monoblock packer'' with all case packing operation under one block and advance innovative ''multifunction robot block'' for case packing and palletizing under one block.  Contact us for more information!!!

Multifunction Robot Block

Special P&P System

Special Application

We supply autoamtic wraparound packing machine and automatic shrink wrapping machine, from leading European manufacturer.   The machine designed with a modular logic, which allows us to put together your model on-demand side by side, starting with a broad range of standard elements.  A packaging machine offer customer most efficient, competitive and top-performance.  

The extensive ragne of automatic packaging machine: automatic wrapaound cartoning machine, shrink wrapping machine and combined system.

 We are humble to present the brand-new PROGREEN ecostrap packaging machine, designed to redcue the use of plastic in secondary packaging by mean of 80%.  Contact us now for more information!!!


Automatic Wraparound Packer for low speed

Automatic Wraparound Packer for Standing Pouches

Automatic Wraparound Packer

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