About Us

 As a comprehensive packaging solution provider and system integrator, Fillpack Technology Sdn. Bhd. specializes in delivering complete turnkey lines for various industries, including food & beverage, home & personal care, lubricants, petrochemicals, and others. Based in Shah Alam, Selangor, we collaborate with and represent leading filling and packaging machine brands primarily from Europe.

Boasting over 20 years of experience in supplying turnkey machineries, covering everything from filling and labeling to secondary packaging and end-of-line automation, we have established deep collaborations with leading machine manufacturers. Our expertise allows us to propose, supply, and install complete turnkey bottling and canning lines, offering innovative and affordable solutions that prioritize price-performance ratios. Whether for new installations or the optimization of existing productivity efficiency, our customized solutions aim to enhance competitiveness in the market.

Know-how and Collaboration are the driving forces behind our success. Leveraging extensive project experience gained through close collaboration with multinational corporations and our machine partners, Fillpack Technology Sdn. Bhd. continually improves and implements a holistic approach to succeed in new projects.

Our machines incorporate innovative technology, user-friendly control systems, and versatile solutions. Crucially, our well-trained technicians, engineers, and customer service staff are dedicated to supporting our customers in every aspect.

Collaboration is the key to successful project development and completion. By meticulously understanding customer requirements, studying multiple options, and providing a range of considerations, we confidently offer total satisfaction with a solution proposal that exceeds production needs in today's demanding market.

Our packaging solutions offer practical advantages, including:

  • Compact and Small Footprint: Minimizing factory space usage and translating into cost savings.
  • Standard Commercial Electronic Components: Locally sourced for better support during machine breakdowns, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Accessible Control System: Without special locking codes, allowing customers to access control pages and take ownership of the machine.
  • Intuitive Interface Control and Automation: Based on the latest Industrial 4.0 technology, enabling direct connection with the OEM for efficient troubleshooting without delays in technician travel.

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