Net Weight Filling System

We represent KTF Engineering S.r.lexpertise manufacturer in Net Weight Filling Technology since '90 ''Maximum Precision'' is what our automatic net weight fillers are all about.   Net weight filling technology have all advantages compare to others filling systems in terms of accuracy: it is not affected by air bubbles in product, or product variation in temperature, viscosity, density or even changes in the product ingredients.  Our system reduce filling error to less than 1 gram per litre of product.  The unique design offer customer best hygenic, allow auto CIP and reduce CIP times mean more production output.

Today net weight filling system can fill to all type of production from oils base, foamy product, still liquid and mid viscosity product like variety sauces, mayonnaise, honey and others.  We able to manage filling speed from 6.000 untill 30.000 bottles/hour.


Net Weight Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine

Net Weight Filling & Capping Machine

Compact Net Weight Filling & Capping Machine

Automatic Capping Machine

Net Weight Filling and Capping Machine


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