Monoblock Filling & Capping Machine

Our represent monoblock filling machine from leading European and Asian manfucturers. We offers variety filling technology attempt to different products and characteristic:
  • Isobaric/counter pressure filling system
  • Gravity filling system
  • Low vacuum / Low pressure filling system
  • Piston filling system
  • Flowmeter filling system
  • And the latest net weight filling system
We have complete range of equipment suitable in bottling and canning line for Food & Beverage, Home & Personal Care, Lubricant and Petrol chemical industries:

We have Isobaric filling system or counter pressure filling system for carbonated production like beer, sparkling drink, CSD and others.  With advance innovative and technology, we adopt electro-pneumatic filling valves with flowmeter for maximum accuracy and hyginiec.  For the filling speed from 6.000 to 60.000 bottles/cans per min requirement.

We are capable to offer & supply customer a complete turnkey canning line equipment, at the most competitve price with mixture of quality equipment origin and with our local support team.
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